Saturday, May 28, 2016

Plein Air Painting

This time of year I pack up my easel and paint box and trek out to nature to work. It might seem strange to some that I enjoy working directly from nature, creating realistic paintings while also enjoying the creation of completely nonobjective paintings like the one in my last post. But that's just how it is. Here are two paintings completed at the wet paints festival "Paint the Great South Bay" in 2014. Each painting took a day to complete. Both were done at the Bellport Marina and displayed at the Phoenix Gallery on Main Street in Bellport at the exhibit in 2014. The gallery is no longer there. I still have both paintings to remind me of the fun I had that weekend. I'm hoping to participate in a couple of plein air events this summer too. I enjoy it when my friends show up to watch me paint, so keep looking at my posts to find out when and where I will be painting.

"Moored at Bellport" Oil on Canvas, 2014

"Old Dock, Bellport" Oil on Canvas, 2014

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