Tuesday, February 2, 2016


These two monoprints are each printed with two zinc plates. The brown background plate is a softground nature print. The forground black plate is a softground drawn plate, with a drawn image of a figure on a vase, also imprinted with some plants. The figure is inspired by the artist and typographer Eric Gill. The final prints have plant matter, rolled up with blue ink included. A monoprint is a print made with a plate that forms a static matrix, but the artist changes the image with the way it is inked. Both of these images are printed on the etching press at C.W. Post campus of Long Island University at Brookville, Long Island, NY. I'm not finished exploring these two plates. I can print in different colors, and change the image on the center plate. Do you have any suggestions of colors I might try?

Muse in a Vase, Monoprint, approx. 7" x 9"

Muse in a Vase, Monoprint, approx. 9" x 12"

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